The Nobility of Motherhood


ffs why do you always start fighting over something when i’m reading

What I want to do:
Sit around on the couch, farting happily, and drinking more cider.

What I am going to do:
Go to the goddamned grocery store and buy a stupid ice cream cake.

Motherhood is nothing but sacrifice.


Reasons to go to the Y

A tiny dot of a girl just decided that the three-foot slide in the kiddy pool was too scary and went back down the stairs with great delicacy.

what is happening to me


Look at this gorgeous thing LOOK AT IT

I am falling in love with writing test cases.

Such artful precision! Such hope that I will be clear and thorough!

Writing test cases is the perfect job for a writer who sort of wishes she’d been a coder and who has a desperate need to be ENDLESSLY HELPFUL.

Like all love affairs, I am certain this one will last forever.