“Belly,” Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jul/Aug 2014.

“. . . imaginative and very well-written.” — SFRevu

“Gross stuff, an original take on the material. Aside from the yuckkk factor, this is a story about survival, and retaining the essence of yourself when you do it.” — Lois Tilton, Locus Online

“‘Belly’ is a coming-of-age story set within a community of monstrous cannibal witches. It’s also an allegory about overcoming abuse, mistreatment, and family expectations to become a decent person.” — C.D. Lewis, Tangent Online

“. . . a grimy, bloody tale of witches and it’s all the better for that.” — Patrick Mahon, SF crowsnest

“. . . it’s the best witch story I’ve read in a long time.” — Reflections of a Rational Republican

“A dark fairy tale to be sure. A discussion of abuse visited upon generation after generation of women with an unsettling but not inaccurate ending. I’m really glad I got to read this.” — Booklikes

“I just read it last night. I don’t want to flatter you too much, because you’ll get a big head; but I have been thinking about it all day. Good job.” — My friend George

“Perfect,” Apex Magazine, April 2014.

“. . . exactly what it says on the box: perfect, and very thought-provoking and insightful.” — Bibliotropic

“Parent Charts,” Snakeskin Poetry Magazine, February, 2014. A poetry comic.

“Listen To Me,” Tumbarumba: a frolic of intrusions, October, 2008.

“Dead,” Strange Horizons, February, 2008.
Honorable Mention, Best Horror of the Year, ed. Ellen Datlow.

“Dust,” Flytrap, November, 2007

“Meeting,” Say . . . What’s the Combination? June, 2007

“And I Ask Myself The Same Question,” Polyphony 6: November, 2006

“Hot,” Ideomancer, September 2006

“Cows, Water, Whiskey,” Flytrap, June, 2006

“The sly and conversational tone of the narrator lends the piece a feel of a folktale, although the stories as well as their morals are a bit more sophisticated . . . excellent read.” — Tangent Online

“The Desires of Houses,” Strange Horizons, February, 2006
Anthologized in Best Romantic Fantasy 2007 and Best of Best American Erotica 2008. Recorded as a podcast at Podcastle. Part of Great Jones Street. Reprinted in Northern Lights: 20 Minnspec Tales.

“(A) literary star turn . . .” — Kirkus Reviews

“‘The Desires of Houses’ is a gorgeous story and I highly recommend checking it out.” — Tangent Online

“‘The Desires of Houses’ is a light and clever story that stands just fine on its own; saying anything other than “it works” would be to say too much . . .” — The Mumpsimus

“Despite a few . . . glitches, this short work is highly sensual and erotic, and it offers a valuable lesson about wanting and being wanted. Recommended.” — IROSF

“Borne Away,” Strange Horizons, June, 2004.

“Grammercy Park,” Ratbastards: A Mischief of Rats, Velocity Press, June, 2003

“Haddayr Copley-Woods is a writer of great skill and insight.” — The Mumpsimus

“This is a beautifully written story all the way through. I especially loved the latter part of the story which features an astonishingly effective technique of writing from multiple simultaneous perspectives. This is one of the best fantasy stories I’ve read this year.” — Andrew Hatchell

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On Gender Categorizations

Dax Schwartz just started a story that I FUCKING LOVE based on a tweet that made her super angry.
I went to look at the tweet, which was a list of lesbian categories from high femme to stone butch with our accompanying weapons of choice:
I thought it was funny, although in soft butch/butch the weapon was not sledgehammer, so I was not represented.
And we had a really interesting conversation about how freeing it felt to me to have a woman ask me at a bisexual conference: “Do you identify as butch?”
And to be able to say back, after some hemming and hawing: YES.
For me, identifying as butch (which I get is a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to certain gay communities as I am bi/pan and some folks might think I am not allowed to use it) was incredibly freeing, relaxing, and affirming. So many of my anxieties about my presentation, etc. just melted.
I call myself a ‘swishy butch’ instead of ‘soft,’ because there is nothing soft about me except for my gut, but it’s basically the same thing. And defining myself, with the help of that lovely woman, felt like power.
Whereas Dax, as well as, I think, several of my other friends, found this enraging gender policing essentialist bullshit.
I won’t speak for her in too much detail, but I believe that her self identification as flouting the binary is also essential to HER peace of mind and identity.
People who come from very different perspectives can come to opposite and yet entirely correct conclusions on the same image. OH MY GOD IT’S DIALECTIC!
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