You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

So, this article is so bad it’s not even WRONG. I mean, I could start with the fact that they don’t understand what irony is. I could end with the fact that they seem to be living in a different country than I am, and using a different Internet.

Instead, it appears that I will be defending hipsters.

Dear My People:
Yes. Gen Y is younger than we are. They make cultural references we don’t understand. Remember how mad the Boomers were at us for the same thing? Let’s not do this, okay?

This weird stereotype of the hipster who does everything ironically and doesn’t allow himself to care about anything is EXACTLY WHAT BOOMERS SAID ABOUT US.


Here’s what I want to know: what is ironic and cynical about creating a vibrant bicycling culture? Listening to and supporting really great local roots music? Flicking homophobia off of you like a booger and experimenting sexually and with gender in ways my generation is still too afraid to do? Eating organic? Meticulously brewing your own? DIYing everything? Passionate, heart-on-the-floor spoken word performances so earnest they make me squirm? Duct-taping your shoes instead of buying new ones? Learning to knit? TRYING TO TAKE DOWN WALL STREET?!??!

There is nothing ironic and cynical about those things, that’s what. LAY OFF THE KIDS, PEOPLE. They’re actually pretty fucking cool.

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