July/August Issue of F&SF is on the shelves!

Fantasy-and-Science-Fiction-Magazine-July-August-2014 I forgot to mention that the issue of F&SF that I’m in (along with my darling dear Will Alexander) is now on shelves! You should prolly buy one at your local bookseller or in Kindle version (just this issue or a year’s subscription). I mean, I humbly suggest.

I am ridiculously pleased with this sale: first, because I am in such fine, fine, company. Second, because this is my biggest sale evAR. Third, because this issue was guest-edited by the lovely, kind, generous and much-beloved C. C. Finlay, who actually gave up his editorial (which you can read here) in order to fit in one more story. He is a heckuva guy, I gotta say. I am so honored to be in the first issue he is guest-editing (he did such a great job that there are more to come).

My story is “Belly,” and so far has been reviewed thusly:

“. . . it’s the best witch story I’ve read in a long time. And it takes the theme of nature versus nurture to a whole new, psychotic level. I highly recommend it.”

Reflections of a Rational Republican

“. . . Gross stuff, an original take on the material. Aside from the yuckkk factor, this is a story about survival, and retaining the essence of yourself when you do it.”

— Lois Tilton, Locus Online

“. . . ‘Belly’ is a coming-of-age story set within a community of monstrous cannibal witches. It’s also an allegory about overcoming abuse, mistreatment, and family expectations to become a decent person.”

— C.D. Lewis, Tangent Online

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