Robin Williams

robin-williams7878You guys, I am so, so down about Robin Williams. Giving such joy. Living in such agony. It brings me down as an artist, as a fellow depressive and as someone with multiple mental health disorders myself. It brings me down as a human being.

Lots of people have posted about removing the stigma and how that might help, about understanding depression, not blaming him, etc. All of those are good things.

The thing is, he was GETTING help. He was REACHING out. He’d just been to Hazelden, FFS.

I have been in that horrible place. Sometimes, no matter how you try and how you fight and how much people care about you, the bastard gets you. It makes me so sad. It makes me so angry. It makes me feel so helpless.

I hope his family and friends don’t blame themselves. I hope he is finally peaceful and happy. Well, there. I’m ending with hope. How about that.

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