Please help save Trans Lifeline!


From their Facebook Page:


I need your help to save Trans Lifeline. We applied for grants aggressively this year but were turned down by everyone but the Trans Justice Funding Project and Horizons Foundation. Pride season was pretty much a bust for fundraising and now we are in dire straights. Members of our community have given so much to keep this going and I’m deeply humbled and moved by the sacrifices that trans people continue to make for each other. I’m writing this from a desert in Utah on the way to L.A. where we are hoping to make some fundraising progress. We’ve been driving out here and sleeping in our van for five days. We are nearing the end of what we can do personally to keep this going. Current events being what they are we are seeing repeated spikes in call volume. Your help is critical.

– Greta Gustava Martela


Haddayr again. I am so disheartened that foundations that supposedly are for GLBT communities are not funding this desperately-needed resource for the most vulnerable of us. Please donate if you can.

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