SISTERS: Are you ready to Hack?

SAVE THE DATE: January 14-15, 2017

Hack the Gap All-Women Hackathon



This space is for women and non-binary individuals. We need idea people, designers, data people, testers, and programmers. If you don’t code, that’s cool.


Hack the Gap is a two-day hackathon aimed at creating a high-energy weekend where women from all backgrounds and experience levels can enjoy an accessible, approachable, positive experience.


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what is happening to me


Look at this gorgeous thing LOOK AT IT

I am falling in love with writing test cases.

Such artful precision! Such hope that I will be clear and thorough!

Writing test cases is the perfect job for a writer who sort of wishes she’d been a coder and who has a desperate need to be ENDLESSLY HELPFUL.

Like all love affairs, I am certain this one will last forever.