HomeSchool Boss Journal

Step-by-step tutorial for software aimed at homeschooling parents who are required to keep records, but who have little time and are not particularly tech-savvy.

Getting Started with HomeSchool Boss Journal

Welcome to Homeschool Boss Journal!

Before you can use Homeschool Boss Journal to track lessons and student work, you’ll need to do some simple initial setup.

And by simple, we mean simple. Homeschool Boss Journal defaults to setup the first time you open the program, so you can get started right away.

  1. Input the first and last name of your student, followed by the birth date.

    Tip: You can mouse click or tab to reach the next field.

  2. Select the ‘Add Student’ button.

If you have one student, you’re all done with setup! You’ll automatically navigate to the home screen to begin tracking work for that student.

  1. To add a new student, select the + sign to the right of the name of the student you’ve already added, and enter the next student’s information as before.

TIP: You may do this right away, and you may also add new students any time as you use the program.

You will now see two student records, side-by-side:

  1. Continue adding until you have input all of your students.

That’s it! Easy. You are now ready to begin tracking.