Tracking work in HomeSchool Boss Journal

After initial setup, take a look around at Homeschool Boss Journal. Then, you can dive in to track student work and progress.

Getting to know the Home Screen

The home screen shows you everything at a glance:

  • Date you are recording (defaults to the current week)
  • List of course areas (Art, Math, Social Studies, etc.)
  • A column for each student
  • Tabs for recording more detailed information, including
    • Weekly summary
    • Curriculum
    • Book
    • Resource
    • Work Sample

Inputting Records

  1. First, select the area of study you would like to track for the week under the name of the student taking the course.

Tip: We know that homeschoolers often have lessons and courses combining multiple areas of study. You may select multiple students and courses by pressing the SHIFT key when selecting a checkbox. You may select all students and courses by clicking on ‘Select All.’

For example, this screen shows that Bartholemew and Harriet have both worked on a lesson that encompasses Art, Language, Math, and Religion this week:

  1. Second, select a tab below the checkboxes to enter information about the week, selecting the ‘Add’ button after each entry.

You will see that the information begins to appear as a list on the right side of the screen:

After you have added information and files for all applicable tabs, you can take in your entire week on just one screen — even if you have input multiples of different categories, like this:

Scroll down, and you can see all weeks in reverse chronological order, no matter when you entered them.

  1. You’re done. You’ve recorded the week’s work!

TIP: whether you add all students at once or individual students and individual areas of study, your screen will show your entire week with all students and areas of study.

  1. (Optional) If you’d like, you can use the date dropdown to record earlier weeks that got away from you — it happens to the best of us!

That’s it — Homeschool Boss Journal in a nutshell.

A Closer Look

If you’d like step-by-step instructions and further information for each tab, we’ve got them!

See tab step-by-steps