photo(6)I have no idea what a non-autistic 10-year-old’s pockets are filled with on laundry day; here is the treasure I found last night in AJ’s pockets:

  1. Two pairs of earbuds, only one of them his
  2. Gorgeous origami paper, the back of which contained directions for making a dove
  3. Five watch batteries (?)
  4. This incredibly detailed drawing he felt so casually about that he folded it up tightly, shoved it in his pocket, and forgot about it

I would bet you seven thousand dollars that if this were a photo of the contents of someone else’s kid’s pockets I’d roll my eyes, yawn, and wonder about how much time other people seem to have.

I went to work for the first time in forever today. I lasted three and a half hours, and my eyeballs are throbbing and my skull hates me. I forgot to eat lunch. It turns out being queasy constantly makes you forget to eat lunch, a lot.

I have yoga tonight and I’m thinking of going, maybe. The yoga web sites assure me that yoga is great for post-concussion symptoms.

Other things yoga is great for:

  1. Everything
  2. that
  3. could
  4. possibly
  5. ail
  6. you.

Hmmm. That seems unbiased and dependable. I’m going!

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3 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. If it were 10-year-old me whose pockets were being emptied, the tightly-folded drawings would be the prized ones. For safe keeping, you know. Switch out the watch batteries with pennies. To correct for anachronism, replace the earbuds with a film canister with pretty rocks or a Caesar cypher in it.

    Please let there be a “what was in your pockets when you were 10” meme now.

    1. I was actually too dizzy to go, but thank you for admiring Arie’s work. I am bound and determined to go tomorrow night, even if I’m in child’s pose the whole time.

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