Locals: We Can Do Better. Please send some emails to support trans* students athletes!

On Wednesday, the Minnesota State High School League’s board of directors will study a proposed policy that would allow transgender student-athletes the ability to participate in league-sponsored activities.

This would allow a transgender athlete to participate according to gender choice, rather than the one listed on a birth certificate.

A vote on whether to adopt the policy is scheduled for Thursday’s board of directors meeting. If passed, it would apply to all MSHSL member schools, public and private.

The Child Protection League, the group that fought anti-bullying measures and GLBT protections in schools, has taken out a full-page ad below in the Star Tribune. The MSHSL needs to hear from those of us who support this measure. If you are local, would you email the board to voice your support?


This is the ad, which infuriates me beyond measure:


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One thought on “Locals: We Can Do Better. Please send some emails to support trans* students athletes!

  1. I don’t care about the whole locker room thing, because people can work these things out and it’s hardly likely that someone will pretend to be transgender just to get into the opposite sex locker room because damn, high school is rough enough without branding yourself an outsider from the start, and just because someone is biologically one sex doesn’t mean they’re not going to want to ogle/annoy people of the _same_ sex, so segregating them by their tackle isn’t really making them safer — if it’s a problem, it already exists to the same degree, and it’s handled in the same way — by not tolerating it. Eliminating all opportunities for sexual harassment is just not possible, nor desirable, unless you’re somehow going to continue it throughout their lifetimes so they never have to learn how to deal with it.

    But I do think sports are way more fun when the players are more or less evenly matched. I don’t think the teams should be segregated by sex. If anything they should be segregated by weight and/or ability (depending on the sport). When I was in high school, which I started early, being forced to play football with bullies twice my weight didn’t enhance the whole experience for me.

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