I am speechless over this beautiful review of “Belly!”

From Piecemeal Reviews:

goya-witches“The short story, Belly, by Haddayr Copley-Woods, featured in the July/August issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction fascinates, disgusts, and digs into the brain of itself, conjuring magic within its own spinning yarn.   With a hive of witches and an unsuspecting girl, Copley-Woods clearly uses fairytales as inspiration for Belly, but that’s simply a model for her larger themes: abuse and personal destiny.  After I read Belly, I forced it into my writer friends’ hands, excited, hopeful, distracted and envious of what they would experience for the first time.  Rarely does it feel like a crime to have something so remarkable not freely available for everyone to read.” Read the whole thing.

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2 thoughts on “I am speechless over this beautiful review of “Belly!”

  1. I just read that story, and I have to say it was fucking great. Actually I just got done reading most of your other stories I could find online because of it. The opening line of “Belly” is so good I think my first reaction was “Oh fuck you!” This was out of immediate and burning jealousy that I, as a horror writer, had not come up with what may have been the best opening horror line in the history of the genre. But it’s for the best, because the rest of the story was awesome too. I don’t even usually read that magazine, I only picked it up because the store was out of Asimovs. Lucky me.

    Ryan Notch

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